This search allows you to search for the postcodes within eligible areas by eligibility criteria, local authority, postcode or partial postcode and by the ECO time period.

You must select at least one option from the ‘eligibility criteria’ or ‘geographic filter’ sections and one ECO time period. For information on the different eligibility criteria and ECO time periods please refer to the help page.

You should note that postcode boundaries may move over time so you may wish to repeat the search at a later date. This database will be updated on a quarterly basis.

Searches will return a results table to a maximum of 100 rows. Full results are available as an export.

Note: CSCO will close at midnight on 31 March 2017 so this tool should not be used to identify CSCO eligible postcodes after this date.


Postcode Local Authority Low Income Area (CSCO ECO1) Low Income Area (CSCO ECO1.2) Adjoining Area (CSCO ECO1) Adjoining Area (CSCO ECO1.2) Rural Classification (CSCO) Deprived Rural Classification (CSCO ECO1.2) Version
Postcode Local Authority Low Income Area (CSCO ECO2) Adjoining Area(CSCO ECO2) Rural Classification (CSCO) Deprived Rural Classification (CSCO) Version
Postcode Local Authority Rural Classification (CERO ECO2t) Version
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